Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Diary Of A Mad Spinster

Are you an Indonesian citizen, around thirty something and knew this teen story on a teenage boy named Lupus, created by Hilman? I remembered I looooveeeedd that story very much. Never missed a single story when they were published on a teen magazine at that time.

Anyway, when we reading his story, we were like, oh just like this? We can write this story? Why the heck not? It is only about our daily life in school, at home , everything were just about the life of a teenage boy. Or was it?

In one of the story, I remembered, the writer mentioned about the illness called: APHASIA. At that time, I seriously thought that the writer just made a joke from the Indonesian sentence : APA SI YAH? Or in English sort of like : Wonder what is it? He did explain the illness is about how the brain is not connected with the mouth. Whatever the brain wish to say, the words came out differently. Again, I seriously thought he was just joking. Until about 20 years later I saw this tv series called : HOUSE, and found that APHASIA is really a disease. As I quote from Oxford dictionary, APHASIA is inability to understand or procedure speech as a result of brain damage.

It took me 20 years to found that was true. So, I guess I was suck to become a writer. I did not even try to find out whether APHASIA really an illness. I just accepted my own explanation about the strange word. If I was really have the talent, I would have been trying to find the meaning of that word. But I guess, I have never really been a serious reader, not even close to become a writer.

Research, learning, watching, memorize. All of that are all the qualities I do not have. Imagine that it took me 20 years to find out something. No wonder I am totally suck in this life. And no wonder I end up with nobody to be with. With a job that I totally hate. With a life that I am not really sure want to be this way.