Saturday, March 15, 2008

Columnist earns moment in spotlight


Columnist earns moment in spotlight

TMP Photo by Kelly Hite. Kathy Hoover relaxes in the sun room of the home she grew up in. Since her stroke, she spends time reading and keeping up with current events in the colorful room.
Newspaper columnist Kathy Hoover wrote about and took photographs of the beautiful people at the fund-raising balls and galas for almost 20 years in Rutherford County.

Now Hoover delivers a more important message — “keep a better handle on your health” by a heart-healthy lifestyle and routine physicals with doctors.

Hoover, 52, of Murfreesboro, took her health for granted until a stroke drastically changed her lifestyle two years ago. She suffers from aphasia, a brain injury that affects speech, language and communications. She lost sight in one eye, so she can’t drive and she lost some use of her hands, so it’s difficult to write.....