Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scott Douglas, driving force behind UM Entertainment Management program, fighting back after stroke

His right shoulder hangs slightly lower than his left. His brow is constantly knitted in a look of combined puzzlement and intense concentration. His eyes are steady as ever, but in place of Scott Douglas' once-piercing gaze is the look of a man uncertain, searching.
"You started off basically paralyzed on the right side," says Judy Douglas to her husband.
"Yes, paralyzed," he nods, speaking slowly. "Leg and arm and feet."
"So you're walking now," she says.
"And building ..."
"... Muscles. The mass for my arm. Doug, the acupuncture ..."
"... Has been helping. And lots of physical therapy."
"Yes. Occupational. Speech. And Doug. And, uh ..."
He picks up a pen, carefully positions a sheet of yellow paper on the table in front of him, then writes a name in neatly printed letters and gazes at it intensely for a mom

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